“PP” – the ultimate party

Difficult to crack that great concept for the party? At Rayville we may not be objective, but we may well have that ultimate proposal…. a PP!

Slightly biased, we definitely believe you should throw a Pyjamas Party, a perfect concept to get your friends to really let loose. The party ambiance surely kicks of with the style of clothing and what else than PJs can get your guests to move like Jagger…..

Why not going for a dedicated room full with pillows, allowing for engaging in that much longed for pillow fight. Should you have the space, let the party into the bedroom; fill the bed with pillows and create a dedicated space for “sweet talking and storytelling”!

The choice of music is obvious, we have some tunes that definitely have to be on your playlist; “Dreams” with Fleetwood Mac, Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams”, Tom Petty and “Running Down a Dream” or “Just Can’t Go To Sleep” with the Kinks.

Last but not least, Rayville has the ultimate pyjamas for the party; for her, may we propose the elegant, timeless and yet sporty Line Stripe Pink/Navy and for him a Mick PJs in matching Solid Navy Blue. Good luck with the party!

Breaking out of the bedroom

The pyjamas has clearly left the bedroom and is now to be found on the catwalk. Check out what is up and trending about this traditional garment.

Have you missed that PJs are clearly trending on the catwalk? Or don’t you dare to break out of the bedroom and take the streets in PJs? No worries, you will be in good company. Some of the largest and most trending fashion brands has seriously taken on PJs as daily wear and the ultimate party set.

To mention a few, Dolce & Gabbana goes all in and offers a full PJs collection and is of course throwing a full blown pyjamas party. Alexander Wang received a lot of attention when introducing PJs into his fashion collection. And trending fashion house Thakoon added PJ styles as a key ingredient in their collection.

So if you want to stay with the trends, it’s time for you break out of your bedroom wearing your PJs. May we propose Rayville as the candidate for a perfect companion of yours…..

Two Years and Seven Markets

Rayville celebrates two years and presence in seven markets and over 260 stores. We continue to expand and three more markets are added this fall.

We have followed a rapid development since the launch two years ago in August 2015. Originating from Sweden, we will be present in seven markets later this year. During fall, we are entering Germany, Austria and Switzerland, in addition to our previous markets Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

We are of course pleased with the reception for our brand from re-sellers and customers. Compared with one year ago, we have added another 100 re-sellers and are currently present in more than 260 stores.

In our new market Germany, Rayville will be listed in Galeries Lafayette, one of Berlin’s leading department stores, and we we have also been accepted by Breuninger, one of Germany’s oldest and leading chain of department stores.

We are looking forward to an exciting fall and are inspired to continue to develop Rayville going forward.

Dressed for after ski

The skiing season is definitely here. And we know how to dress in a comfy and stylish way for the perfect after ski party, in- or out-of-home….

We don’t know about your preferences for the perfect after ski, but we do know that you either go all in at the bar closest to the slope, or you just collapse at home, exhausted after a full day with fresh mountain air.

Of course, we do urge you to enter the bar in your PJs, but we acknowledge the fact that you probably have not been skiing in you pyjamas. So, since we are in the business of unwinding, we prefer the stay-at-home after ski session.

Definitely, the perfect outfit for your relaxing after ski is in our view a stylish pyjamas both for men and women. Since Rayville is of Swedish origin, taking a sauna is mandatory and our soft and exclusive cotton robes are ideal once you have taken that roll in the re-freshing snow, naked of course.

So get rid of your sloppy skiing underwear and go all fresh, with PJs and robes from Rayville; it’s time to get dressed to unwind also for after ski.

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s about time to change the way you make resolutions for the new year. Let us present the Rayville version of how to kick off your new year.

Recognize the feeling with 2016 coming to an end? You are probably happy to conclude yet another year and eager to start a new one, with potentially a pile of ideas on how to move your life into an even better direction. Strangely enough, it seems like the same things keep popping up; get in shape, lose weight, work less or quit any bad habit of ours.

Our analysis is quite simple; that good old list of new year’s revelations candidates keeps containing stuff that is related to some well known key words; must, stop or do. May we propose that this year you do the opposite and promise to get into what we could call Rayville mode; stay put and unwind. Because we think you have enough of “must-do’s” in your life; what you need is more of “no-do’s”.

So, let us therefore present some alternative candidates for new year’s revelations on the theme of “you deserve to unwind”:

1) Spend at least 1 day per month in my PJs; hanging around at home doing nothing
2) Serve my partner breakfast in bed that same day when hanging around in my PJs
3) Lay down on the sofa 1 hour every Sunday night listening to my favourite music
4) Take a long breakfast at home and go to work 1 hour later every third Friday
5) Introduce one “screen free” evening per week and find out new ways to spend my time

We think that should be enough to get you going for a more unwinding way of life, probably the best new year’s revelation you can make…..

Shop at any of our retailers

Rayville is available through some 170 retailers; visit them for that perfect Christmas shopping and the opportunity to try on our garments.

Since our launch in August 2015, we have grown fast to be distributed by close to 170 renowned retailers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Rayville can be found in some of the leading retailers in the region, ranging from the leading department stores in the larger cities down to the specialty store at the corner with high personal service levels.

In Sweden, our first market to be launched, Rayville can be found at the leading high end fashion department store NK, the nationwide and leading female underwear chain Twilfit and the leading chain of general department stores Åhléns. In total, we are available at some 100 retailers online and offline in Sweden.

This fall, we launched into Norway and Denmark and are now available through close to 70 retailers. These include Wunderwear, the leading Danish chain for female underwear, and Salling, one of Denmark’s leading chain of department stores.

So take the chance to get that perfect Rayville Christmas gift at any of our appointed stores. Should they be out of stock on any of your favourite stuff, you are welcome to shop at our online store, however currently only available for shipping to Sweden.

Get your “me-time”

Cherish the moment, seize the day, take time to unwind…. That is what Rayville is all about. Here are some simple and useful tips to get into new habits.

Fall seems to always be one of those exceptionally busy periods of the year and the lower levels of daylight definitely affects our energy levels in a negative way. And with a calendar that offers less holiday breaks than spring, it is even more important to look after yourself to be able to re-charge your batteries.

Here are some simple tips to get in to the habits of extending your “me-time” and taking time to unwind:

1) Go analogue. Turn off your screens and specifically your mobile phone is the starting point.

2) Practice relaxation. Yes, as with everything else, relaxation is about practising. Explore the Qi Gong, Tai Chi or Mindfulness exercises that suit you.

3) Read a good old book. Get into a habit of reading and let yourself go in a captivating story. There is no better way to escape everyday hassles and leave the world behind.

4) Plan your time off. As much as you book activities and meetings in your calendar, you should book your “me-time”. And make sure not to cancel the appointment.

5) Dress for the occasion. Getting dressed to unwind is as important as dressing for any other occasion. May we propose to get into that favourite PJs of yours….. Rayville is definitely a candidate to dress you to unwind.

Nighties with a fresh look

We discovered that nighties for the modern, sporty woman was missing and decided to do something about it; the result is something daring new.

Developing that ideal nightie might be perceived as the simplest of things. But when setting your mind to it, there is of course a whole range of options. Our simple solution was to set two clear priorities; develop nighties that enable sleeping in both style and comfort.

Unmistakably, comfort starts with the right choice of material and our nighties are all produced in 50% modal and 50% cotton. Modal provides a superior soft and silky feel and combined with cotton it produces a stretchy fabric with high comfort, ideal for nightwear.

Sleeping comfort is obviously also tightly related to the cutting and fitting of the garment. Our belief is that nighties should follow the body contour and provide that “second skin” feeling with a comfortable knee-long fit. Finally, our nightie model “Annie” should deliver on style. Simple but sophisticated, classic with inspiration from sports apparel and tailored for the sporty woman who never compromises on style or comfort.

The design is sporty in bright and attractive colours and “Annie” is offered in three different styles. Color Blokk for a more classic look, Solid Sport for a clear cut sports apparel inspiration and Candy Stripe offering that timeless stripe in an attractive colour combination.

Fall news have arrived

Autumn is the high season for PJ’s and loungewear. The AW16 collection is now available with our some 150 licensed re-sellers in Scandinavia.

The theme for our AW16 collection is “Busy Doing Nothing”, illustrating that garments from Rayville are that perfect companion when just want to unwind and leave the world behind. Our choice of colours combines seeking harmony and creating catchy accents which lends the garments identity and character.

Amongst the news this fall you will find our stylish nighties, produced in 50% cotton/50% modal jersey of highest quality. Modal provides a superior soft and silky feel and combined with cotton it produces a stretchy fabric with high comfort, ideal for nightwear. Our nighties are available in three variants; Color Blokk, Solid Sport and Candy Stripe.

We also introduce new versions of our classic women’s pyjamas set Debbie. Our new pattern Line Stripe was born out of the idea to create a new classic with a strong identity. The result speaks for itself; a timeless pyjamas in vivid colours with its own personality.

Our popular pattern Alicia is also launched in a new sky blue colour. Our women’s pyjamas Debbie in the Pattern Alicia Blue version offers a light blue shade which surely will become a new favourite in addition to our Alicia Pink, Alicia Grey and Alicia Purple versions.

Fall collection preview

Our AW16 collection includes new patterns, colours and materials, all in line with our classic and timeless design featuring catchy colours and accents.

In August we introduce our fall news, our second collection since the start in August 2015. The theme is “Busy Doing Nothing”, illustrating our ambition to be your favourite garment when you just want to unwind and leave the world behind.

The colour palette combines the creation of harmony and seeking striking accents which lend our garments identity and character. New colours for the season are Sky Blue, a gentle light blue shade that alludes to that perfect clear blue sky, and Fandango Pink, an accentuated pink with its name and strong character inherited from Spanish flamenco dance traditions.

Our biggest news is the introduction of women’s nighties in soft 50% modal/50% cotton jersey fabric. We simply thought there was a lack of nighties which combine superior sleeping comfort and delivering a simple, yet sophisticated and sporty expression.

Naturally we will stick to some of our most popular variants from 2015. Our immensely popular Navy Blue bathrobes with matching PJs in the same colour will be carried over to 2016, and the same goes for our true classic Pencil Stripe Blue/Pink pyjamas.