“PP” – the ultimate party

Difficult to crack that great concept for the party? At Rayville we may not be objective, but we may well have that ultimate proposal…. a PP!

Slightly biased, we definitely believe you should throw a Pyjamas Party, a perfect concept to get your friends to really let loose. The party ambiance surely kicks of with the style of clothing and what else than PJs can get your guests to move like Jagger…..

Why not going for a dedicated room full with pillows, allowing for engaging in that much longed for pillow fight. Should you have the space, let the party into the bedroom; fill the bed with pillows and create a dedicated space for “sweet talking and storytelling”!

The choice of music is obvious, we have some tunes that definitely have to be on your playlist; “Dreams” with Fleetwood Mac, Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams”, Tom Petty and “Running Down a Dream” or “Just Can’t Go To Sleep” with the Kinks.

Last but not least, Rayville has the ultimate pyjamas for the party; for her, may we propose the elegant, timeless and yet sporty Line Stripe Pink/Navy and for him a Mick PJs in matching Solid Navy Blue. Good luck with the party!