Breaking out of the bedroom

The pyjamas has clearly left the bedroom and is now to be found on the catwalk. Check out what is up and trending about this traditional garment.

Have you missed that PJs are clearly trending on the catwalk? Or don’t you dare to break out of the bedroom and take the streets in PJs? No worries, you will be in good company. Some of the largest and most trending fashion brands has seriously taken on PJs as daily wear and the ultimate party set.

To mention a few, Dolce & Gabbana goes all in and offers a full PJs collection and is of course throwing a full blown pyjamas party. Alexander Wang received a lot of attention when introducing PJs into his fashion collection. And trending fashion house Thakoon added PJ styles as a key ingredient in their collection.

So if you want to stay with the trends, it’s time for you break out of your bedroom wearing your PJs. May we propose Rayville as the candidate for a perfect companion of yours…..