Dressed for after ski

The skiing season is definitely here. And we know how to dress in a comfy and stylish way for the perfect after ski party, in- or out-of-home….

We don’t know about your preferences for the perfect after ski, but we do know that you either go all in at the bar closest to the slope, or you just collapse at home, exhausted after a full day with fresh mountain air.

Of course, we do urge you to enter the bar in your PJs, but we acknowledge the fact that you probably have not been skiing in you pyjamas. So, since we are in the business of unwinding, we prefer the stay-at-home after ski session.

Definitely, the perfect outfit for your relaxing after ski is in our view a stylish pyjamas both for men and women. Since Rayville is of Swedish origin, taking a sauna is mandatory and our soft and exclusive cotton robes are ideal once you have taken that roll in the re-freshing snow, naked of course.

So get rid of your sloppy skiing underwear and go all fresh, with PJs and robes from Rayville; it’s time to get dressed to unwind also for after ski.