New Year’s Resolutions

It’s about time to change the way you make resolutions for the new year. Let us present the Rayville version of how to kick off your new year.

Recognize the feeling with 2016 coming to an end? You are probably happy to conclude yet another year and eager to start a new one, with potentially a pile of ideas on how to move your life into an even better direction. Strangely enough, it seems like the same things keep popping up; get in shape, lose weight, work less or quit any bad habit of ours.

Our analysis is quite simple; that good old list of new year’s revelations candidates keeps containing stuff that is related to some well known key words; must, stop or do. May we propose that this year you do the opposite and promise to get into what we could call Rayville mode; stay put and unwind. Because we think you have enough of “must-do’s” in your life; what you need is more of “no-do’s”.

So, let us therefore present some alternative candidates for new year’s revelations on the theme of “you deserve to unwind”:

1) Spend at least 1 day per month in my PJs; hanging around at home doing nothing
2) Serve my partner breakfast in bed that same day when hanging around in my PJs
3) Lay down on the sofa 1 hour every Sunday night listening to my favourite music
4) Take a long breakfast at home and go to work 1 hour later every third Friday
5) Introduce one “screen free” evening per week and find out new ways to spend my time

We think that should be enough to get you going for a more unwinding way of life, probably the best new year’s revelation you can make…..