Get your “me-time”

Cherish the moment, seize the day, take time to unwind…. That is what Rayville is all about. Here are some simple and useful tips to get into new habits.

Fall seems to always be one of those exceptionally busy periods of the year and the lower levels of daylight definitely affects our energy levels in a negative way. And with a calendar that offers less holiday breaks than spring, it is even more important to look after yourself to be able to re-charge your batteries.

Here are some simple tips to get in to the habits of extending your “me-time” and taking time to unwind:

1) Go analogue. Turn off your screens and specifically your mobile phone is the starting point.

2) Practice relaxation. Yes, as with everything else, relaxation is about practising. Explore the Qi Gong, Tai Chi or Mindfulness exercises that suit you.

3) Read a good old book. Get into a habit of reading and let yourself go in a captivating story. There is no better way to escape everyday hassles and leave the world behind.

4) Plan your time off. As much as you book activities and meetings in your calendar, you should book your “me-time”. And make sure not to cancel the appointment.

5) Dress for the occasion. Getting dressed to unwind is as important as dressing for any other occasion. May we propose to get into that favourite PJs of yours….. Rayville is definitely a candidate to dress you to unwind.