Nighties with a fresh look

We discovered that nighties for the modern, sporty woman was missing and decided to do something about it; the result is something daring new.

Developing that ideal nightie might be perceived as the simplest of things. But when setting your mind to it, there is of course a whole range of options. Our simple solution was to set two clear priorities; develop nighties that enable sleeping in both style and comfort.

Unmistakably, comfort starts with the right choice of material and our nighties are all produced in 50% modal and 50% cotton. Modal provides a superior soft and silky feel and combined with cotton it produces a stretchy fabric with high comfort, ideal for nightwear.

Sleeping comfort is obviously also tightly related to the cutting and fitting of the garment. Our belief is that nighties should follow the body contour and provide that “second skin” feeling with a comfortable knee-long fit. Finally, our nightie model “Annie” should deliver on style. Simple but sophisticated, classic with inspiration from sports apparel and tailored for the sporty woman who never compromises on style or comfort.

The design is sporty in bright and attractive colours and “Annie” is offered in three different styles. Color Blokk for a more classic look, Solid Sport for a clear cut sports apparel inspiration and Candy Stripe offering that timeless stripe in an attractive colour combination.