About Us

Our Story

The story of Rayville started out with the search for the perfect PJ. A pyjamas that would of course be comfortable when sleeping, but also that perfect companion when you just want to unwind at home, busy doing nothing.

In addition, it should of course look good and have a design that felt updated and into style. Simply put, that snug garment that you would long to slip into, coming home late from a busy day at work or reviving a childhood favourite and spending “a full day in pyjamas” on a perfect Sunday.

But that ideal PJ showed to be hard to track down. Either the design felt out of date, the price was unseemly high, the quality was not satisfactory or it was simply difficult to find PJs in-store.

On a misty morning, that life changing decision was made to engage in a new venture. All with the mission to dress people in sharp looking sleep- and loungewear that both look good and make you feel good. The perfect garment when you want to get dressed to unwind.

Our intention is to fill what we believe to be an empty space; lifestyle and fashion driven sleep- and loungewear that is both a delight to the eye and gives you a sense of well-being. Our journey has just started and we hope you will like our products.

The Brand

At Rayville we have one simple focus: fashionable lifestyle wear, in and out of bed. Our design expression is classic yet contemporary with catchy accents, inspired by timeless sports apparel and a nod to preppy signals. We believe in developing desirable quality apparel, a candidate to become that favourite bedside garment.

Sleepwear is made for bedtime usage. But for us at Rayville, it is also that snug garment when you just want to unwind. We believe PJs are that perfect companion when you want to leave the world behind, perhaps complimented by a bathrobe with a soft cotton touch.

Because our dedication is dressing you to do nothing and ultimately sleep even better. Simply put, sleepwear and robes that look good and make you feel good. It’s time to get dressed to unwind.

Our Quality

Our PJs are of course made for sleeping. That’s why we attend to all details that will make this garment one of your favourites. We are meticulous in testing and sizing our sleepwear to give you that perfect fit for a comfortable night in bed.

We use the highest quality cotton fabric that we process in a special fashion to enable the textile to breathe, while also creating that soft and gentle touch. And we have the highest standards in attending to sewing details, making sure Rayville’s PJs are that durable companion of yours.

Our garments are produced in Turkey and we demand the highest ethical behaviour from our production partners. We apply high quality inspection standards to ensure garment quality and a strict Code of Conduct to ensure fair working conditions.

The Company

Rayville is managed by Jensen Danmark ApS, a company situated in Aarhus, Denmark. If you want to get in touch with us, please send us an email at info(at)rayville.com.

Jensen Danmark ApS
Fiskerivej 2K
DK-8000 Stockholm